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FORTNITE Battle Royale in free (APK+obb) download

FORTNITE Battle Royale

FORTNITE Battle Royale- The game that ruled the world of gaming just after release on several consoles by drawing in more than 125 million players worldwide has come to conquer the world of Android and iOS gamers too.
It merged the Survival and Battle Royale Genres and it truly works like a miracle. Land on an island with 99 other players and be the Last Man Standing. Play Solo, Duo or Squad, the choice is yours.The safe zone on island shrinks because of an incoming storm. It also ensures more counters. So, be sure to stay inside the safe zone or else you will take damage.
Various Avatars and Skins are also waiting for you there. Having more than 50+ weapons and large maps having good graphics, it is sure to make your heart beat faster..!!! Be a part of a huge gaming community.
A sniper or assault lover, a camper or speed lover, safe or rush, choose the best strategy which works for you to play and win the day.
Build, Shoot, Build, Shoot, Build, Hide, Loot, Shoot, Need Help, Cover Fire, Build, Faster, Shrink Zone, Get Cover, Kill, Kill, Kill, VICTORY...!!!


1)50+ different type of weapons
    -and there many modifications
2) You can think of it as a mixture of PUBG and Minecraft in one.
3) 8*8 km island - Total Maps
4) Various Avatars and Skins
6) Creative Mode
7) Compatible with many devices

Gameplay Screenshots 


Game:- Fortnite Battle Royale
Developer:- Epic Games
APK Size:- 4 MB
File Size:- 1.88 GB
Minimum OS:- 64-bit Android 5.0 Lollipop or more recent 
Minimum Ram:- 3 GB
Minimum GPU:- Adreno 530 or better, Mali-G7 MP 12 or better
Our Ratings:-10/10

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