Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Top 3 Free VPN Apps Download Link | Express VPN | Psiphon Pro | Turbo VPN

Top 3 VPN Apps Download For Android In Free 

Hi everyone,
Don't you agree with me if I say that whatever you access on the Internet is your and your concern only and should be hidden from anyone else?
But unfortunately, this is not so...
Your Government, Your Internet Service Provider and the Websites you visited keep logs of who, when and for how long someone accessed something.
If you feel angry or want to stop this, trust me, you are not alone. The matter has been put forward several times but nothing has been done yet. But, on the personal level, we can hide from anyone else the things we access, or can even access the things that are blocked in our area, city or even country by the means of #VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK(VPNs).
VPNs give us a fake IP address(a specific technical address given to your device). It provides a tunnel from our device to a distant placed server. There are many servers which are hosted by various VPN Service Providers.
No one will know what you accessed. Not Government, Not your Internet Service Provider and not even the websites you visited. Everywhere, the IP address of the VPN server is given instead of yours.
You can do a whole new set of stuff...

Here is the VPN Service Provider Apps recommended by us:

1) Express VPN

Developer: Jérémie Zimmerman
Size: 20.52 MB
Minimum OS: 4.1 or above
Released on: 21 Apr 2015
Google Play Ratings: 4.1/5★
Our Ratings: 8.5/10★

Download Link:


2)Psiphon Pro

Developer: Psiphon Inc.
Size: 7.84 MB
Minimum OS: 2.3 or above
Released on: 2 Nov 2015
Google Play Ratings: 4.3/5★
Our Ratings: 8/10★

Download link:


3) Turbo VPN

Developer: John Mason
Size: 9.84 MB
Minimum OS: 4.0.3 and above
Released on: 21 Jun 2016
Google Play Ratings: 4.7/5★
Our Ratings: 8/10★

Download Link:


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