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Guns Of Boom

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Heyy Game Loverssssss...
How are you...!!??
Hoping for your best, today I have brought you a game that you will love for sure.
Introducing you __ Guns of Boom - Online PvP (Player Vs Player) Action sometimes also reffered to as GoB.
It is a Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) Game developed by Game Insight. The Game was released on 18 May, 2017 for Android and iOS and is now one of the most downloaded FPS game. You don't trust me, I know. But you can trust PlayStore's Employees. It is an Editor's Choice game for Action PvP genre. Installed more than 10 million times, it is a game with so simple and smooth controls, that even I Me Myself, am a Pro Player ;P
Skills, Aim and Tactics rule here. But after you become pro, it gets a bit boring. But that is not a problem for now. The developers are continuosly adding new features and modes. They have collaborated with ESports and now they organise online and offline tournaments which means Great Real Cash Prizes, Worldwide broadcasting and millions of Viewers. And I think it really stood upto its expectations.
Prize for winning team of Season 2 was $500,000. Wanna grab it now.., huh :P.


1) Three Different Game Modes:-
   -Team Deathmatch
   -Control Points
   -King of the Hill
   -Pro Player
   -AR Spectator
2) 14 Sufficiently Big Maps
3) More than 20 weapons and eqipments
4) Rank System - Climb up the Ladder, then you will know the real competition
5) Great Graphics ( supports older devices too)
6) Smooth Controls - Perfect for a Mobile FPS I think
7) Customize your character the way you want with loads of customizations, outfits - more than hundered cosmetics items
8) Active developers provide you with Updates from time to time
9) Special Events - Get the most out of them by giving your best. They will  give you game currency and many other rewards based on your performance
10) You can join a team and compete in eSports with other global teams


Team Deathmatch Mode:- Kill other team players to get points and make your team to reach 500 points before the other team within a time limit of 5 minutes to win the match. If no team could score 500 points, th team having more points than other team would win.
Control Points Mode:- Capture as much points as you can, and protect them from enemy team. You will get some points each second. Stand on a point for some seconds to capture it. The team to reach 1200 points first in 5 minutes will win. If no team collects 1200 points, one with the more points will win.
King of the Hill Mode:- Similar to Capture the Points mode in some ways, the goal is to control the hill for as much time as possible and reach 1000 points, again saying , within a time limit of 5 minutes. If no team.... blah , blah , blah See above. I got bored of typing this :{
Each map  has a cenral point, which you have to control.
Pro Player Mode:- Compete in eSports in this mode with different teams globally. This mode is a witness of lots of nail-biting situations.
AR Spectator Mode:- View your friends and clanmates fighting in real-time. the game has collaborated with ARCore to provide this mode.

Gameplay Screenshots:-


Game:- Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action
Version:- 5.1.1
Last updated:- 22 February, 2019
Developer:- Game Insight
Size:- 53.04 MB
Minimum OS:- 4.1 and up
Minimum RAM:- 2 GB or more
Google Play Ratings:- 4.6/5
Our Ratings:- 8.5/10

Download Link:-


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