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Minecraft apk for Android Latest Version Free Download

Minecraft APK for Android Latest Version Free Download

Hey CraftoGeeks,
MINECRAFT - the most creative and interactive game available on play store and app store till date - now has 20 M+ downloads on android and iOS devices only. Its paid version is $7. You can calculate the total sale. (Whyyh Gooddd Whhhyyyyy...!!?   😜)
Its PC version is one of the Best Selling Games of all time.
There are various other versions too of this game like Story Mode, Pocket Edition, Trial Edition. The story mode in itself contains five episodes.
Its Blocky Textures and Creative Opportunities are the main features of this game that gained such popularity.
Its Immense World is another reason.
You can just create anything you can imagine. From simplest homes to grandest castles, from cars to planes, from huts to pools, from staying in your home for the rain to stop or go hunting down a dragon. Play it the way you want. This game is the limit of your imagination. Another way of saying this, you will never get bored, because you can't stop your brain to imagine.
You can play it online in-game servers in which you can compete in several mini-games and discover gigantic community-run worlds and make new friends.
Just Craft, Explore and Survive and the best part is you can do it in the way you want. No limitations, No pressure.

Main Features of Minecraft are:

  • Various Terrains:-
    Plains, Forest, Dark Forest, Birch Forest, Beach, Desert, Cold Beach, Stone Beach, Swamp, Jungle, Mesa, Tundra, Hills, Mountains
  • Build Sculptures, structures, or whatever your heart wants.
  • Various Creatures, Zombies, Skeletons, and Monsters might meet you on your way to craft. So watch your steps.
  • Play multiplayer mini-games with your friends or with players worldwide.
  • Get unique maps, skins and texture packs from your favorite creators from the marketplace.
  • Mess with Slash commands. You can change the weather, spawn mobs, give items away, change the behavior of your player and much more.

Minecraft Gameplay Screenshot:


Game:- Minecraft
Last updated:- February 5, 2019
Developer:- Mojang
Size:- 78.02 MB
Minimum OS:- 4.2 or above
Google Play Ratings:- 4.5/5
Our Ratings:- 9/10

Release Dates:

Android Release Date-August 15,2011
iOS Release Date-November 17,2011
FireOS Release Date-September 13,2012
Windows Phone 8.1 Release Date-December 10,2014

Download link:


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