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The Elder Scrolls: Blades Latest APK Direct Download

The Elder Scrolls: Blades Latest APK Direct Download

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You know what, Bethesda Game Studios are making a Mobile Version of one of their greatest titles - The Elder Scrolls, which is already a huge hit on other consoles. They are working on a Game that is supposed to be entitled as " The Elder Scrolls: Blades" . It is supposed to be released in months of September-November 2019. It is basically a massive open world First Person Role Playing Action Game. And I think they are working hard to make the controls good and responsive. You can also play this game in Portrait Mode. According to the officials, "the one who get to choose how to play the game, is the one who plays it" . So, you can play it in both Portrait and Landscape modes. Here, we are providing a Direct Download Link for The Elder Scrolls: Blades .


You are a member of the Blades, an elite group of agents. You were forced into excile. But you return soon. You return, soon enough, having a hope to change yourselves and the present conditions. But your town seemed very alien, honestly speaking, destroyed. You Create and Customize your own kingdom, fighting against Invaders in hope of recreating the lost glory of your kingdom and to make the world a happier placce for your people to live.


  • Breath Taking Combats, that includes Melee Weapons, Magic Spells and Ranged attacks.
  • High Definition Graphics that looks awesome in First Person Perspective (FPP)
  • Upgrade your character to unlock new and upgrade existing magical abilities
  • Can be played in both Portrait and Landscape modes. So, it is convenient for players.
  • Various single player storylines.
  • Create your own kingdom from ashes and customize it in the way you want. Upgrade it and Defend it.
  • Challenge and face your friends in one vs one arena battles and show them who's in charge.
  • Customize your player with loads of equipments, dresses and like a hundered thousand possibilities. You would surely want to look good, when you have your enemy lying dead in front of you, or maybe, yourself lying in front of the enemies.
  • Three differnet modes which are sure to keep you interested, namely
    • Town
    • Abyss
    • Arena
  • A vast world lies ahead of you that includes Dungeons, Castles and Outdoor areas - makes sense and justfies for its large game size.


  • Large Size of the game makes it a bit less efficient for low-end devices.
  • High Graphic settings means more load on processor and battery. So basically, I won't recommend it to users running androids below 5.0.1


  1. Town :- It is the Main Storyline of your game. It is where you find new missions and quests. This is the mode in which you can make progress in your Game and explore the unexplored.It also includes upgrading your kingdom and defending it. It includes unlocking various abilities.
  2. Abyss :- Basically, in it, you fight against invaders in an endless dungeon which could be a finite dungeon having boss fights, I mean who knows, what is at the other side of the dungeon. You try to reach as far as possible. A great Timekiller for sure...
  3. Arena :- This is a multiplayer mode in which two players compete against each other in real time to get rewards and rank up in the global leaderboards. My personal favorite because I like playing with real world players more than with AI(Artificial Intelligence) characters ,i.e., CPU Players.

Gameplay Screenshots


Game:- The Elder Scrolls: Blades
Version:- 2.12.1 or up
Last updated:- March 27,2019
Developer:- Bethesda Softworks LLC 
Size:- 1.6GB
Minimum OS:- 4.3 or up
Minimum RAM:- 1GB
Google Play Ratings:- 3.9/5
Our Ratings:- 8/10

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