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How To Access Games Restricted in your Region

How To Access Games Restricted in your Region

Heyyy Everyone,

I felt very upset when Pokémon GO was released in several other countries but not in India (now it is available in India too). Some months ago, I had the same feeling because of Fortnite Mobile and now PUBG Mobile Lite. You know what, now I can't stand it any longer. So, I broke in the Hydra Secret Document Security Systems ;p and after a bit of hard work, I have found a really great way to - How To Access Games Restricted in your Region . So, shall w now?

What you need

Download Turbo VPN (Virtual Private Networks) by clicking on the direct download link given below:-

  -  TurboVPN.apk

Download ExpressVPN.apk
Download PsiphonPro.apk

What is a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network (VPNs). VPNs give us a fake IP address(a  technical address given to your device that is like a unique signature of your device). It provides a tunnel from our device to a distant placed server. This is like a fake ID of your device. Not just accessing games, you can get and access much more with VPNs. A load of opportunities opens up.

Steps to Follow

Note:- You have to follow steps 1 and 2 if you have run your game without the VPN app running in the background.
1) Go to your mobile Settings > Installed Apps
2) Click on the game that is restricted in your area and click on Clear Cache button

3) Now open Turbo VPN app
4) Select the region in which the game is not restricted. 
Game                              Region to select
PUBG Mobile Lite         Phillipines 
Battle Breakers             Phillipines , Australia or                                          New Zealand
TikTok                            USA, China, HongKong
5) Turn On the VPN
6) Let the VPN app run in background and start the game

One more thing, Happy Gaming


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