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How To Access Games Restricted in your Region

How To Access Games Restricted in your Region

Hey Everyone,
I felt very upset when Pokémon GO was released in several other countries but not in India (now it is available in India too). Some months ago, I had the same feeling because of Fortnite Mobile and many other games. You know what, now I can't stand it any longer. So, I broke in the Hydra Secret Document Security Systems ;p and after a bit of hard work, I have found a really great way to - How To Access Games Restricted in your Region.

What you need :

Download Turbo VPN (Virtual Private Networks) by clicking on the direct download link given below:-

Download TurboVPN.apk
Download ExpressVPN.apk
Download PsiphonPro.apk

What is a VPN :

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network (VPNs). VPNs give us a fake IP address(a  technical address given to your device that is like a unique signature of your device). It provides a tunnel from our device to a distant placed server. This is like a fake ID of your device. Not just accessing games, you can get and access much more with VPNs. A load of opportunities opens up. You can learn more about VPN and how to use it, here:-
Visit Here

How To Access Games Restricted in your Region :

Note:- You have to follow steps 1 and 2 only if you have ever run your game without the VPN before.
  1. Go to your mobile Settings > Installed Apps
  2. Click on the game that is restricted in your area and click on Clear Cache button
  3. Now open Turbo VPN app
  4. Select a region in which the game is not restricted. 
  5. Turn On the VPN
  6. Let the VPN app run in the background and start the game

Disclaimer :

We have only provided what we think is genuine and only for educational purposes. The information given here is collected from various sources which we think are reliable.
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