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Battle Breakers Apk Download | In Any Country | Latest Version | 2019

Battle Breakers Apk

Direct Download Link, Features, Details, Minimum requirements and much more...

Heyy Homieees,

Well, get ready to play the latest tactical RPG (Role Playing Game) by Epic Games (the developers of Fortnite).. Battle Breakers, coming soon on Play Store. But for me, a mix up of Turn-Based, Sci-fi and RPG Genre. Create the team of ultimate heroes and recapture your kingdom from the hands of monsters. Till now, the game is only available in Australia, New Zealand and Philippines for download. But don't you worry because I have brought this amazing game for everyone. Made with UE4 (Unreal Engine 4), the graphics and game story are sure to make you fall in love with this game. Strategy and good choices dominates this game.


You used to live peacefully in your great kingdom. That was the peak time of your reign. Everyone lived their life joyfully. Then, a sudden darkness crawled over the bright skies. Space Monsters creeped in from nowhere. Everyone was frightened. They smashed deep inside the ground and trapped the earth and all of its heroes in technomagic crystals. No one knew, if these cystals were made with magic or technology. Now, it's only you, who can turn this dark world back into a happy place. Assemble the ultimate team of Heroes, Ninjas, Robots, Dinosaurs to stand against the dark powers. Only you can save this Planet and the life of all those who believed in you.

Features of Battle Breakers Apk

1) 100+ heroes, loads of ninjas, mages, robots and dinosaurs which means million plus strategies. Create the ultimate dream team. There are 5 types if heroes:- 
   - Fire
   - Nature
   - Water
   - Light
   - Dark
Each one is powerful against one of the others and is weaker than one of the others.
2) Unlock elemental attacks and use them in a smart way. There are three types of elemental attacks:-
   - Tsunami
   - Earthquake
   - Firestorm
3) Unlock and Upgrade new skills
4) Get a pet for yourself to  summon maximum damage possible
5) Ask your real world friends to help you defeat to the Monster Legions. Every game becomes better when we play them with our friends.
6) Build, fortify and upgrade the Sky Tower and defenses to secure your citizens.
7) A huge world is awaiting. Discover the whole kingdom because monsters have infested in every corner of the world. Kill them and make the world a better place.
8) Cross Platform Play :- You can play both on PC and Mobile.


1) Much Colorful Graphics can cause sensory overload sometimes.
2) So much strategies can make it a bit difficult to make choices and progress.

Screenshots of Battle Breakers Apk

Official Trailer of Battle Breakers Apk

Details of Battle Breakers Apk

Game:- Battle Breakers
Version:- 1.71.0
Last updated:- 29 October 2018
Developer:- Epic Games
Size:- 100 MB
Minimum OS:- 4.1 and up
Google Play Ratings:- 3.5/5.0
Our Ratings:- 5/10

Download Link:-


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