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TikTok Latest APK Download Link

TikTok Latest APK Download Link 

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TikTok is a craze among teenagers these days. A great platform to make and share short videos. Also, it has become a source of entertainment with millions of users worldwide. more than millions of videos are uploaded daily on it. Let's have a look at what is it and what are its features. The Direct Download Link is given at the end of the post...

What is TikTok 

It is a Video Sharing app used for creating and sharing short videos. It is one of the most popular apps in Asia and USA. Owned by ByteDance, it was released in September 2016.
The main reason of it's popularity is that it provides tools and a platform where the user can show his/her creativity by creating short videos. It provides background music, effects, pre-built videos, templates and much more.


1) 15 second Short Videos - Create Short Videos and share these with everyone.
2) Create Music Videos - it provides a wide range of background music. You will get definitely get something for anything you wanna make.
3) Effects - it also provides lots of effects to let you make your dream video.
4) Duet Videos - Lets you merge two videos side by side. One of the most popular genre
5) Reactions - you can react to the videos you have watched which can be seen by others.
6) Control who can see your videos - Make your account public or private. The choice is yours. In public, the video is accessible to everyone, whereas if the account is private, only those persons can see, to whom you have given authority.
7) Explore and See what you love the most - TikTok analyzes your activity and reactions to show you the content that you love. It employes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do so.
8) User Friendly Interface - it is very smooth to use and responsive to touches which gives it a "crispy" nature.
9) According to ByteDance, it is - " The perfect marriage between artificial intelligence and image capturing "


App:- TikTok
Version:- 5.8.3
Last updated:- 11 April 2019
Owner:- ByteDance or Beijing ByteDance Technology Co Ltd.
Size:- 73.5 MB
Google Play Ratings:-NA
Our Ratings:- 8.5/10

TikTok Latest APK Download Link 

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