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Critical Ops APK Latest Version Direct Download Link

Critical Ops APK Latest Version Direct Download Link | Ocean Of Apk Mods

Helloo Gaming Geeeks,
I want to play one of the most played and downloaded games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). It is one of the best E-Sports game out there. But guess what, it is only available for Windows. Not for us, not even for PS and Xbox. Just for Windows.
But I have brought you this - Critical Ops - a game made for Android and iOS that most closely resembles CSGO. It has good graphics, amazing gameplay, various modes, smooth controls, and great server management. Aur kya chahiye 😜
So, let's have a look at it...

What is Critical Ops

Critical Ops (or we can say C-OPS) is a multiplayer 3-D First Person Shooter Mobile Game. It is an objective based game, in which you have to complete your objective to win a round. The objective depends on the game mode in which you play. All the game modes are given below. The game is greatly influenced by Counter-Strike series. The game is made by Critical Force Ltd. There are several eSports tournaments too. Let the world know, who is in command here. Welcome to the "most skill-based Mobile FPS".


You will be a part of one of the two teams - The Breach or The Coalition. There are
three different game modes:-
1) Defuse
2) Deathmatch
3) Gun Game

Defuse Mode

If you become a member of Breach, your objective is to plant the c4 and protect it from being defused until it gets exploded. Otherwise, if you are a member of The Coalition, then you have to defuse the bomb.
The Breach wins if any one of the following objectives gets accomplished:-
   - all the Coalition members get killed
   - if the c4 explodes
The Coalition wins if any one of the following objectives gets accomplished:-
   - all the Breach members get killed
   - they defuse the c4
   - if c4 is not planted and any member of the Coalition remains alive until the time limit of planting the bomb runs out


In defuse mode, you have to wait for the next round after getting killed. But in a Deathmatch, you will respawn immediately after getting killed. The objective is very simple - Kill as much enemy team members as you can. This gives you Points. At the end of the match, the team with the highest Points wins. 

Gun Game Mode

In this mode too, you will respawn immediately after getting killed. All the players, initially spawn with MP5 in their hands. Each time you kill an enemy team's player, you will level up and you will get a new powerful weapon. There are 15 such levels. If you get killed by a knife, you will get demoted to lower level and weapon. After you reach the fifteenth level, you have to kill an enemy player with your knife to win the match. When anyone completes all the levels, their team wins the match and the game ends.

The game consists of the following three types of matchmaking

1) Quick Game
Pick one Game Mode and play it with random gamers (having approximately the same skill as yours) in a random map.

2) Ranked Game
In Shooting Games, your rank says everything about you. Play and win in competitive matches to get points and improve your rank. It is no piece of cake, as you will counter enemies who are similarly skilled as you. Only a few can become Special Ops
Unranked >> Bronze >> Silver >> Gold >> Platinum >> Diamond >> Master >>Special Ops
Ranked matchmaking is only applicable for Defuse Mode

3) Custom Games
The classical matchmaking. Join a custom game room or create one. Custom Games are games where players may choose rooms with desired maps, game modes & a number of players, or host their own room with personalized settings, publicly or privately.


  • Three different game modes:-
    • Defuse
    • Deathmatch
    • Gun Game
  • More than 30+ weapons:-
    • Pistols: P250, GSR 1911, MR 96, XD.45, and Dual MTX.
    • Submachine Guns: MP5, MP7, P90, and Vector.
    • Assault Rifles: SA58, M4, AK-47, HK417, Aug, and SG 551
    • Shotguns: FP6 and Super 90.
    • Sniper Rifles: U-Ratio, M14, and TRG 22,
    • Knife: Default, Tac-Tool, Karambit, Kukri, Remix and Tactical Axe. (every single knife does the same amount of damage and has the same range)
    • Grenades: Frag grenade, Practice Grenade, Flashbang, and Smoke grenade.
    • Armour: Kevlar & Helmet.
  • Loads of weapon skins improve the GamePlay experience very much.
  • Play in nine different maps:-
    • Bureau
    • Canals
    • Legacy
    • Plaza
    • Grounded
    • Raid
    • Brewery
    • Division
    • Heat
    • Among these maps, Brewery, Division, and Heat are Team Deathmatch & Gun Game only maps whereas all the other maps can be played in any mode.
  • Amazing Graphics: The game contains models with High-Resolution textures to give the user a realistic experience.
  • Smooth Controls
  • The controls are very responsive and are configured in such a way that makes aiming in touch screen devices easy. This is the area where most of the Shooting Games lacks.
  • Various eSports events
  • Season passes and events
  • No in-app purchases - according to developers, Critical Ops is not one of those "pay-to-win" games
  • Good matchmaking, as mentioned above



Game:- Critical Ops (C-OPS)
Version:- 1.4.1.f490
Developer:- Critical Force Ltd.
File Name:- Critical Ops
Size:- 52 MB
Minimum OS:- 4.4 or up
Minimum RAM:- 2 GB
Google Play Ratings:- 4.4/5
Our Ratings:-9/10

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