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Garena Free Fire Full Free Android APK Latest Version Download

Heyy homiiies,
Do you like PUBG Mobile !? Me too :)
But it consumes so much of my time and my phone's RAM and processor's power, that it seems good to have an alternative that's user-friendly as well as compatible with almost all devices. Now enters, Garena Free Fire
Unlike PUBG Mobile, it works even on android devices with just 1 GB RAM. Almost one-fourth the size of PUBGM, Garena Free Fire has gained so much popularity, that it has crossed 100 Million+ downloads on Play Store and is an Editor's Choice game.
Click on the direct download link given below to download Garena Free Fire Full apk Latest Version.

What is Free Fire

Free fire is a Survival 3rd Person Shooter 3-D game created by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. It runs on Unreal Engine 4 which totally justifies its smooth and high-resolution graphics. Released on 4th Dec 2017 on Android and iOS, it becomes a member of 100 million clubs and is one of the best Battle Royale games out there on these platforms.


You land on a remote island with 49 other players with nothing but your clothes on. You pick up weapons, armor, medkits and lots of other add-ons. Make a good strategy, implement it into action and kill whoever comes in your way to be the last man standing. Because of the incoming Storm, the safe zone on the island shrinks. This also ensures more and more counters. So, be sure to stay inside the safe zone or else you will take damage. There are also Red Zones (Danger Zones) in which, airships deploy bombs and you will take a lot of damage if you don't find a shelter fast. Air Drops comes with good weapons(like Kar98k), medkits, and Cars. Also, to increase the crisp of the game, even more, drones are there in the game. If you get near these drones, your position will be disclosed to nearby enemies and their position will be disclosed to you. Play Solo, Duo or Squad, it depends on you. Play the game the way you want. Rush, Assault, Snipe, Camp, Drive, Ambush, Kill, Kill, Kill, Just get outta there alive...


1) 10 minutes of intense gameplay, with 49 other players.
2) Millions of active players.
3) In-game voice communication.
4) Smooth and High-Resolution Graphics.
5) Good aiming controls.
6) Responsive and accurate towards the touch.
7) A lot of characters to chose from - Adam, Eve, Ford, Olivia, Kelly, Nikita, Misha, Maxim, Paloma, Miguel, Caroline, Antonio, Moco, Hayato, Rafael and more.
8) Two 4 km *4 km maps - Bermuda, Piranesi
9) 50+ types of weapons, armor, equipment, and many more add-ons.
10) Loads of skins are there to improve the gameplay experience.
11) Great Seasonal Rewards and Challenges.
12) Make up the best clan with your friends.
13) Various game mods- Ranked Matches, Normal matches, Custom games, Deathrace

Gameplay Screenshots

Garena Free Fire - Anniversary


Game:- Garena Free Fire
Version:- 1.39.0 or other updated versions
Developer:- 111dots Studio
Publisher:- Garena
Size:- 407MB
Minimum OS:- 4.0.3 and up
Minimum RAM:- 1GB
Google Play Ratings:- 4.3/5
Our Ratings:- 7.5/10

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