Toolkit for Instagram - Gbox 0.3.39 APK Download Link Latest Version

Toolkit for Instagram - Gbox 0.3.39 APK/Mod Direct Download Link

Toolkit for Instagram - Gbox 0.3.39 APK Download Link Latest Version

Hey everyone,
Instagram is such an amazing social media platform to share our views and I know you also can’t deny this.
But despite its great abilities, sometimes it does disappoint us when editing photos and sharing high-res images. Also, for me, one of its most annoying features is that it makes us crop our “picture perfect”. And the next annoying thing is the inability to view full-sized profile picture and download it.
To deal with all of these comes “ Toolkit for Instagram - Gbox” - by Jay Kapoor. Let’s have a look at it...

What to expect

Instagram Icon Pic
  1.  Split a pic into 3 parts for the swipeable effect on Instagram.
  2.  It lets you post a full-sized picture, i.e., no Cropping. That’s my personal fav 
  3.  Split your full-length video in 15-sec videos so that it can fit in your Instagram stories.
  4.  Amazing photo effects like Glitch, Vintage and many more.
  5.  You can repost other creators/users post with credits.
  6.  You can create not great but fine collages if your top 9 liked photos.
  7.  One of its most useful features is that it searches and finds most-followed hashtags for you to insert in your pics. It helps your post to reach more people from the same niche that your image is about.
  8.  Color picker, fonts and some other features for Text Formatting.
  9.  HD DP Viewer - view and download HD DP of someone if with the help of their username.
  10.  Instagram Modules for creating immersive swipeable photo effects.


Instagram icon pic
  1. Gbox will ask you to login with your Instagram. Some users don’t want that because of privacy and security reasons. Some even say that there is some suspicious activity going in on their Instagram account after logging in Gbox.
  2. The app crashes several times in some devices while using a specific feature like immersive swipeable effect and Gbox keyboard.
  3. When adding some effects, quality of picture gets affected.


App: Toolkit for Instagram - Gbox
Version: 0.3.39 and up
Developer: Jay Kapoor⚡
Publisher: Jay Kapoor⚡
Released on:- 18 July 2018
Updated on:- 10 August 2019
Size: 37 MB
Minimum OS: 5.0 and up
Minimum RAM: 512 MB
Google Play Ratings: 4.6/5
Our Ratings: 6/10

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Toolkit for instagram - Gbox

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Toolkit for instagram - Gbox Apk


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