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Alto's Adventure (v.1.7.2) [MOD Unlimited Coins] APK FREE Download

Alto's Adventure [MOD Unlimited Coins] APK Overview

Launched in 2015, Alto's Adventure is a single-player endless runner game in which our characters Alto and his friends start a snowboarding odyssey. Embark upon a journey full of beautiful alpine hills, neighboring villages, ancient woodlands, and long-abandoned ruins. It has been download more than 1 million times from the Play Store and has been designated as Editor’s Choice Games. Good graphics and soothing movements make it one of the best endless runner games.
The critics praised the art style of the game and graphics of the game. The game received "universal acclaim". It was rewarded many titles and much praise. But they criticized its gameplay as unoriginal.
Alto's Adventure was developed and published by Snowman. It runs on the Unity Engine. The game was originally released for iOS, but later, the developers decided to launch it on Android devices, Kindle Fire and Linux too.
Because of the game's popularity, developers decide to make a sequel of it known as - Alto's Odeyssey

Alto's Adventure [MOD Unlimited Coins] APK Gameplay

It is a side-scrolling game in which the character moves towards the right. There are several obstructions in the way which might lead to alto's accident. The player can make the character jump and perform tricks in mid-air. Tap on the screen to make the character jump, and when in mid-air, hold the screen to perform stunts. Coins are scattered in the way. Coins are used to unlock levels. snowboarders and to purchase upgrades to his abilities. Each snowboarder has special abilities or attributes assigned to them.

There are 180 handcrafted goals in the game for you to complete which includes rescuing runaway llamas, crossing large gaps, snowboarding up to a certain distance, etc. You get rewards from completing them. There is a distance-counter. Doing stunts, increase the score and doing successive combos gives great rewards. The player can challenge their friends to beat their score. The game is set in a dynamic environment, in which lighting and weather changes. It gives the game day-night and seasonal effects. There is snow falling, rain, spring, and whatnot.

Alto's Adventure [MOD Unlimited Coins] APK Features

  • Smooth movements
  • Simple physics-based gameplay
  • Unique art style and graphics
  • Mid-air tricks and combos for you to master
  • 180 handcrafted goals which, on completion, give rewards
  • Six different snowboarders with their own special abilities for you to unlock
  • Lots of levels so you don't get bored from running in a single environment
  • Fully dynamic lighting and weather effects, including thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows, shooting stars, and more
  • The terrain is procedurally produced which means that you don't have to encounter the same terrain again.
  • The soothing soundtrack which complements the gameplay

Alto's Adventure [MOD Unlimited Coins] APK Gameplay Screenshots

Alto's Adventure [MOD Unlimited Coins] APK Details

Game:- Alto's Adventure
APK Version:- 1.7.2
Released on:- February 11, 2016
Updated on:- September 10, 2019
Developer:- Snowman
Publisher:- Snowman
Size:- 65.72MB
Minimum OS:- 4.1 & up
Minimum RAM:- 1GB
Google Play Ratings:- 4.6/5
Our Ratings:- 7/10

Alto's Adventure (v.1.7.2) [MOD Unlimited Coins] APK FREE Download Link

The modded apk is altered in such a way, that you will get unlimited coins from the beginning of the game and you can unlock any character or level you want. In the demo version, you have to collect and then unlock characters and levels, but in this MODDED version, you will get UNLIMITED Coins. So, instead of being frustrated by the requirement of collecting them, you can just have fun playing the game. There are no restrictions.

Installation Instructions

1) Click on the download button given above.
2) Now, click on the APK file you just download.
3) Click on Install button.
4) It will ask for permissions, click on Accept.
5) The game will start getting Installed. Wait for it to complete.
6) Click on Done.


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