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FL Studio Mobile (v3.2.47) [FULL] APK FREE Download

FL Studio Mobile (v3.2.47) [FULL] APK Overview

Developed and Published by Image-Line, FL Studio Mobile is a digital audio workstation specially designed for creating multi-track music files, which can be exported in MP4, WAV, MIDI, AAC formats. Or you can export them as FLM Project which then can be opened later in FL Studio Mobile and can be edited furthur. It is currently available for Android, iOS and Windows.
Initially released on 21 June, 2011, It is one of the best audio editor out there for Android and iOS. It is more than just a basic audio editor.
With piano roll, keyboard, step-sequencer, drum pad, track editor, effects and 133 sampled instruments, you can just create anything you want.

FL Studio Mobile (v3.2.47) [FULL] APK Features

  • Use high quality audio synthesizers and audio samples.
  • With touch controllers, it becomes so smooth creating custom beats with Piano roll and Deum pad, that you are gonna love it. Both of these are customizable, i.e., you can change their layout if you want. Set up a working space that works the best for you.
  • High quality in-built Audio recording tool, which can be used to record live performances.
  • Now compatible with even low RAM devices.
  • The step sequencer allows for recording beat at a time, then turning it into a loop. It allows for the creation of multiple sounds in one instrument track, and adjusting the pitch and velocity of each individual step
  • Loads of sound effects, which you can use to create the best quality music you want. To name a few
    • Auto Ducker
    • Chorus
    • Parametric Equalizer
    • Compressor
    • Delays
    • Distortion
    • Stereoizer
    • Phasers
    • Limiter
    • Graphic Equalizer
    • Reverb
    • Flanger
    • High-Pass/Low-Pass/Band-Pass/Formant (Vox) Filters
  • An interface which is both user-friendly and customizable ensuring good working wnvironment for both beginners and pros.
  • With the in-built browser, you can explore tons of presets and samples from the community.
  • It is very easy to share your tracks with your other devices with sync options.
  • 140+ instruments for you to add in your tracks to give the best beat.
  • Mixer operations - Per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment
  • Compliant MIDI controller support
  • Comaptible with almost all screens, from your Androids to Smart TVs

FL Studio Mobile (v3.2.47) [FULL] APK Screenshots

FL Studio Mobile (v3.2.47) [FULL] APK Details

  • Game:- FL Studio Mobile
  • APK Version:- 3.2.47
  • Released on:- 21 June, 2011
  • Updated on:- August 26, 2019
  • Developer:- Image-Line
  • Publisher:- Image-Line
  • Size:- 5.8MB
  • Minimum OS:- 4.0 & up
  • Minimum RAM:- 1GB
  • Google Play Ratings:- 4.2/5
  • Our Ratings:- 8/10

FL Studio Mobile (v3.2.47) [FULL] APK FREE Download

The modded apk is altered in such a way, that all the features of PRO Liscensed version of app are UNLOCKED. In the demo version, you only get some features, but in this FULL version, you will get everything unlocked. There are no restrictions.

FL Studio Mobile (v3.2.47) [FULL] APK Installation instrucktions

  • Click on the Download Link for APK given above. Your file will start downloading.
  • Open the APK file, and install it. But don't open it now.
  • After that, click on the Download Link for OBB file.
  • Extract the OBB file in your sdcard/Android/obb folder. If the folder is not present, then create one.
  • Your FL Studio Mobile 3 has been successfully installed.

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