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Hey everyone,
You know, my personal favorite series is Grand Theft Auto. I started playing it with the craze of GTA Vice City and is going on even if the last game GTA V was released 6 years ago. For me, the game which made GTA this much popular was GTA San Andreas. One of the best games out there. It ruled PC, PS then and nowadays is ruling the Android and iOS. It is in the top 10 paid games since it was released with small ups and downs. But I am not that much of a money-spending-on-video-games type of guy. On the play store, you have to pay 182 (around 2.5$) to download it. So, I brought you this Free APK + OBB File.
I was so fond of this that I completed its storyline several times and every time it became more and more fun. Literally, you will never get bored from this, I bet. So much to do in a vast open world.
The story revolves around a guy named Carl Johnson and his gang The Grove Street Boys. He was on the east coast when he gets a call from his brother Sweet about the murder of their mother. CJ ( Carl Johnson ) realizes he gotta take care of some mess, he ran away from 5 years ago...

What is GTA San Andreas

It is a third-person action-adventure 3-D game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released for various platforms:-
 1. PlayStation 2: 26 October 2004
 2. Windows: 7 June 2005
 3. Xbox: 7 June 2005
 4. Mac OS X: 12 November 2010
 5. iOS: 12 December 2013
 6. Android: 19 December 2013
 7. Windows Phone: 27 January 2014
 8. Fire OS: 15 May 2014
 9. Xbox 360: 26 October 2014
 10. PlayStation 3: 1 December 2015


A guy named Carl Johnson ( CJ ) living in Liberty City from the past 5 years gets a call from his brother Sweet. He gets to know about the murder of her mother. He returns to the city of sins - San Andreas. A place he left 5 years ago when his younger brother was killed in a gang war that created Havoc. Things were not the same as before. His hood was on its edge and the Gang split up. Most of the town was a slave of drugs now. The Ballaz were on their peak. You realize you have to take care of some mess you ran away from. But most importantly, you got to kill the murderer of your mom. But things are not as simple as they appear. There is something that does not seem right. Hoes are everywhere. Some might be hiding there...


The game is set in the fictional United States consisting of three cities Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. You have to complete 100 missions throughout the storyline. In the beginning, you can only explore Los Santos. The other two cities are locked and you have to complete all the missions of Los Santos(around 30-40). But if you are not willing to do missions, you can drive the vehicle to explore this glamorous world. There are more than 250 vehicles including Planes, Boats, Trains, Trucks, Cranes and many more.  Its more than fun listening to the radio, and just looting vehicles, exploring mountains, deserts, and San Andreas dark sides. My personal fav time-killer is creating Havoc and getting police attention. Bazookas, Snipers, AKs, M4, and 30+ weapons are just waiting to do some destruction. Also, you can take over other gang territories. 

What more?

You can customize your character the way you want. You can buy clothes, have various haircuts, tattoos, eat food and take photos.
Other than 100 storyline missions, there are various other side missions for you like Driving missions, Crane missions, Truck missions, Bike missions, Boat missions, Spraying Tags, Taking Snapshots, Finding Horseshoes, Cycle Races, burglary, car modification and much more.



  • Game:- GTA San Andreas
  • APK Version:- 2.00
  • Released on:- 19 December 2013
  • Updated on:- 02 April 2019
  • Developer:- Rockstar North
  • Publisher:- Rockstar Games
  • Size:- 15 MB
  • Minimum OS:- 7.0 or up
  • Minimum RAM:- 1 GB
  • Google Play Ratings:- 4.4/5
  • Our Ratings:- 9/10



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