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LIMBO (v1.17) [FULL] APK Free Download

LIMBO (v1.17) [FULL] APK Free Download Overview

Limbo is a 2-D side-scrolling puzzle-platform game. Limbo name was taken from a latin word limbus which means "edge". The game title means "Edge of Hell". The game is set in a dark themed environment with effects like grain particles and spontaneous sounds, which gives it a scary shade. The game was developed and published by Playdead, and was released on 21 July, 2010. It has been launched on various platforms like PS4, PS3, Xbox360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and many others. The game has won many titles (more than 100+) and is one of the best paid games on android. The story and Gameplay of the game are just "mesmerizing". The soundtrack of the game is also complementary to the gameplay. In 2016, Playdead's another game "Inside"  which has many elements similar to that of Limbo, was released. Inside also earned a good fanbase. LIMBO succesfully gained a rating of 9/10 from Game Critics like IGN and Gamespot. However, it will be unfair to expect much frequent updates now, as the game was released in 2010. Let's have a look at the Gameplay...

LIMBO (v1.17) [FULL] APK Free Download Plot

An unknown boy awakens in a forest. He doesn't know what happened to him. But he couldn't find his sister anywhere. So, the boy surprised and confused, starts to find his sister. But the way is full of traps, creatures, and aggressive people who try to kill him. The forest leads to a city. The final puzzle throws the boy through a glass pane and the boy loses his conciousness. When he wakes up, he finds himself again in forest-like area in which a girl approaches him. The game ends without answering a lot of questions arising...

LIMBO (v1.17) [FULL] APK Free Download Gameplay

The game is set in a dark black and white themed environment. It is a side-scroller sngleplayer game.The objective of the player is to guide a boy who was lost in a forest and couldn't find his sister. No controls are visible on-screen. The player can make the boy move, jump or crouch by swiping on the bottom right side of the screen. And the boy can move objects, pull levers, by swiping on the bottom-left side of the screen. There are lots of traps and puzzles in the way, which the boy must solve. The player can make the boy move, jump, crouch, move objects, pull levers and other such actions.
The boy dies because of traps, or creatures, or other people killing him. The game becomes difficult in the second half, when electromagnetic traps, gravity and and other machinery comes into play. According to the developers, it is "trial and death" game as the player dies several times before completing a puzzle. The game is mostly story-based and there very few achievements for the players like finding hidden insects and completing the game with 5 or less deaths.

LIMBO (v1.17) [FULL] APK Free Download Gameplay Screenshots

LIMBO (v1.17) [FULL] APK Free Download Features

  • Good Graphics and Puzzles
  • Simple Controls
  • Amazing physics-based addictive gameplay
  • More than 100 levels of fun
  • Smooth movements of characters and othe game elements like Tribals, Monster Spider, Traps, Machinery, etc.

LIMBO (v1.17) [FULL] APK Free Download Details

Game:- LIMBO
APK Version:- 1.17 & up
Released on:- February 11, 2015
Updated on:- August 7, 2019
Developer:- Playdead
Publisher:- Playdead
Size:- 117MB
Minimum OS:- 4.4 & up
Minimum RAM:- 1GB
Google Play Ratings:- 4.7/5
Our Ratings:- 9/10

LIMBO (v1.17) [FULL] APK Free Download Link

The modded apk is altered in such a way, that you don't have to pay a penny and all the levels are playable. In the demo version, you only get some levles for completion, but in this FULL version, you will get everything unlocked. So ,instead of being frustrated by the requirement of buying it, you can just have fun playing it. There are no restrictions.


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