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GameCIH (v3.0.3) APK Latest Version FREE Download

3.0.3 for Android
Labeled as Apps, Mods, Tools
Supported OS Android 1.5 & up
3.0.3 for Android

GameCIH (v3.0.3) APK Latest Version Details

  • Application Name:- GameCIH
  • APK Version:- 3.0.3
  • Released on:- NA
  • Updated on:- May 3, 2019
  • Developer:- GameCIH
  • Publisher:- GameCIH
  • Size:- 568.8KB
  • Minimum OS:- 1.5 & up
  • Minimum RAM:- 1GB 
  • Google Play Ratings:- NA
  • Our Ratings:- 8/10
*Note: Root required

GameCIH (v3.0.3) APK Latest Version Installation Instructions

1) Click on the Download Link for Original APK or Modded APK given above. If a dialog box appears which asks for your confirmation to begin the download, click on 'Allow'. Your file will start downloading.

2) Before you can install the app, you have to enable the option which gives permission to installs apps from unknown sources. This can be simply done by going in settings, then to security. There will be an option named Unknown Sources. Click on it so that it becomes enabled.

3) Go to your Download List and open the .APK file you just downloaded.

4) It will ask if you surely want to install this or not, click on 'Yes'

5) You will be transferred to a page where you will see the permissions needed to install it. Just click on the Install button and wait for the installation process to complete.

6) Click on Done.

7) GameCIH has been successfully installed on your device.

GameCIH (v3.0.3) APK Latest Version Overview

Ever wished if there would be an easier and more fun way to play Android games? Some of those games are hard, and once we get stuck somewhere, it takes a lot of time to make further progress.
You must have had played games like Hill Climb Racing, Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, Clash Of Clans, Minecraft and other similar games. Then, you obviously know, what I am talking about. Collecting resources is so irritating and frustrating, just for what, unlocking some characters, levels and other items. Stupid, right?
It's not just about that. Many a time, when a game becomes hard and you get stuck in it, eventually that game just loses its beauty and you just delete it right away. If only there would be an easier way around...
Well, GameCIH does provide us with all the things we want, with so much ease, that you will surely recommend it to your friends too.
Get Unlimited Coins, Gems and other cool stuff for FREE. Seriously, it makes an android game much more fun than it originally was. Without any further delay, let's talk about what GameCIH actually is...

What is GameCIH Patcher?

GameCIH is basically an application-modification app. It can make changes in the games' in-built scripts to your profit. I am sure that at some point in time, you have had tried to download Mod APKs from different websites. What these websites actually do, is that they use a tool like this to modify these apps' defined values and they make a new apk file of it so that they can upload it on the web. Well, now you don't need to surf the web to get these. You can do it on your Androids with just a few simple steps. You don't need any knowledge of coding to do so.
GameCIH was originally designed to target Android applications and now has become one of the best game modifying applications out there. The reason is simple - effective and powerful script editor, easy to use fuctiontionality and its user-friendly environment. The latest version of it is 3.0.3 which you can download from above.

GameCIH (v3.0.3) APK Latest Version Download Features

  • Easy to use and understand functionality. GameCIH is no doubt, one of the best modding app in terms of its functionality. You can hack most of the Android games when you get to know its working, which you will just after one or two times of its use.
  • User-friendly Interface. The interface of GameCIH is fine in terms of responsiveness and layout.
  • Less memory consumption. There are many such patching apps out there but GameCIH outlasts most them in terms of resource requirement and memory management. It won't consume much of your RAM and Battery.
  • Be the top-scorer in your favorite game. Ever got annoyed because you couldn't beat the high score or couldn't beat the score required to unlock the next levels. Don't worry, because you can easily change the numerical values of your high score to anything you want by following just a few simple steps. This feature is of great help in games that are too hard to beat and make progress. When you can't beat the high score and can't move to the next level, the game will eventually lose all its fun. Because progress is what keeps a gamer instead in a game. If the gamer can't make more progress, there will be no fun playing the same levels again and again.
  • Get unlimited money, coins, gems, ammo, and weapons in any game you want. This is one of the great services GameCIH provides. I hate it when you have to collect resources to unlock characters, levels, and other in-game items. Many a time, the amount to be collected is so huge, that it can even take a month or two to collect it. This is done so that players will use in-app purchases. Compromising with GamePlay experience for the money, I don't think that's a good idea. You can change the values of Coins, Money, Gems and other in-game items to anything you want. You can get unlimited everything right from the beginning. No need to go through the whole frustrating collecting process.

Downfalls of GameCIH

  • It is not compatible with Google Play and installing it on your device can alert Google Play which, in turn, will alert carious app creators. It is not compatible because of obvious reasons. It is used for patching apps which can cause loss of revenue to makers. Nor does they like it and neither google does. So, it can get your google play account banned permanently.
  • It is not compatible with low-end devices. So, you should be aware of your device is compatible with it or not before downloading it. There are various requirements to be fulfilled for the app to be compatible with your device. There is not enough information available for the list of devices that support it, but GameCIH seems to be working fine for android devices having Android 4.0.0 or above. We recommend to download it only if your device's RAM is 2 GB or more. If your device doesn't meet the above, you can go for more friendly alternative apps given in the next section.
  • You cannot patch RPGs (Role Playing Games) and Online games because the values in these games are not stored on your device and are saved on far placed servers. So, if you are considering downloading it for hacking RPGs or Online games, you have to consider your choice again.
  • The biggest downfall is that - the app requires a rooted device to work. Rooting a device means changing the administrators of your device so that you will get all the authoritative powers. You can dive deeper into the world of androids in this way. But it will get your warranty removed. Doing something wrong with coding and features, and you will get your phone disrupted permanently. So download it only if you need to, otherwise, there are alternative apps too, which can do the same tasks as GameCIH does without the need to root your device.


Lucky Patcher : Lucky Patcher is a patching tool that is a must-have for all android gamers. It lets us patch and hacks any game or app without any knowledge of coding. You can even remove ads using it. Get unlimited in-game resources. It can remove system apps and can add other apps to the category of system apps.


We have only provided what we think is genuine and only for educational purposes. The information given here is collected from various sources which we think are reliable.
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