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LASERBREAK 2 (v1.02) [PRO] APK FREE Download

LASERBREAK 2 (v1.02) [PRO] APK Overview

Laserbreak 2 is a physics-based 2-D Puzzle game in which you have to destroy your targets using Lasers and their environments. The game currently features 119 such levels. The game also has bonus levels and special daily levels. You can see who has completed those levels and who failed to do so. Published by errorsevendev, it is the sequel of LASERBREAK – which also gained a good amount of attraction. The game currently has more than 100k+ installs on play store and the developers are still active. Game critics have various different views on it. Some say that it is fun while others say that the game has unappealing graphics. Personally speaking, the gameplay is very good and the graphics are also fine for me. I’d surely recommend it to those who love puzzle games.

LASERBREAK 2 (v1.02) [PRO] APK Gameplay

We have to control a spherical-shaped object which emits lasers. These lasers can interact with other level objects and can trigger several events. There is a red target in every level that you must destroy to pass the level. The game contains several objects like mirrors, metals which interact with the lasers in different-different ways. For instance, Mirrors can reflect the laser incident on them. Special switches might trigger the falling of dominos, which, in turn can trigger another event. Magnets influence the path of lasers passing near it. TNTs explode when heated sufficiently from lasers.
There are also warp tunnels present in levels. These warp tunnels can be used to warp coins, dynamite, and whatever objects need to break wooden platforms or glass walls. The game makes you think out the right way to pass the level.
We can make our character move and point towards any desired direction. Coins are scattered around in levels that you can collect to unlock bonus levels. There are also daily levels made for you.
As long as we consider the gameplay, LASERBREAK looks very good. But however, it lacks in graphics and visuals. Sound is also not in the best quality it could have been.

LASERBREAK 2 (v1.02) [PRO] APK Features

  • A total of 119 levels full of fun and logic.
  • Loads of interactive objects throughout the game including TNT, wormholes, launchers, elevators, magnets, fans and more.
  • Loads of bonus levels which can be unlocked by collecting 3 coins in a level.
  • The unlocked levels can be played in any order you want. There is no need for the completion of previously unlocked levels.
  • There is a counter which counts how many players have solved the level you are playing and how many failed to do so.
  • Smooth gameplay and responsive controls.
  • The game can be played offline. No need to connect to the Internet. You can play it anywhere anytime you want.
  • No in-app purchases. It's not one of those pay-to-progress games.

LASERBREAK 2 (v1.02) [PRO] APK Screenshots

LASERBREAK 2 (v1.02) [PRO] APK Details

  • Game:- LASERBREAK 2
  • APK Version:- 1.02
  • Released on:- January 1, 2018
  • Updated on:- January 15, 2018
  • Developer:- errorsevendev
  • Publisher:- errorsevendev
  • Size:- 31MB
  • Minimum OS:- 4.0.3 & up
  • Minimum RAM:- 500MB
  • Google Play Ratings:- 4.0/5
  • Our Ratings:- 7/10

LASERBREAK 2 (v1.02) [PRO] APK FREE Download

The modded apk is altered in such a way, that you don't have to pay a penny and all the levels are playable. In the demo version, you only get some levels for completion, but in this FULL version, you will get everything unlocked. There are no restrictions.

LASERBREAK 2 (v1.02) [PRO] APK Installation instructions

1) Click on the Download Link for APK given above. Your file will start downloading.
2) Open the.APK file.

3) It will ask for permissions, click on Allow and then Click on Install.

4) The game will start installing. Allow it to complete.

5) Click on Done.

5) Your LASERBREAK 2 has been successfully installed.


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