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Lucky Patcher (v8.5.7) APK FREE Download for Android

Lucky Patcher
8.5.7 for Android
Labeled as Apps, Mods, Tools
Supported OS Android 4.0 & up
Lucky Patcher
8.5.7 for Android

Lucky Patcher (v8.5.7) APK FREE Download for Android Overview

I know, how games and apps become so frustrating due to ads, limited resources, and other stuff. As an example, Hill climb Racing - an all-time favorite physics-based car racing game, requires coins to unlock levels and locked cars. These coins can be collected by playing. But this takes so much time, that gamers lose their interest in the game. It would be amazing if we could have more authority and access to edit their in-built functionality to our users. This task is done by Lucky Patcher.
Let's take another example - Subway Surfers
In Subway Surfers, you run on endless train tracks escaping the policeman and his dog. There are 30+ characters in the game and various other tools and features. The problem is that these characters, features, and tools can only be unlocked if you have a sufficient amount of in-game currency. The amount is so high for some characters, that it will take a lifetime for you to collect such a huge amount of in-game currency. The developers did this to make gamers use in-app purchases. This limits the player and somehow kills all the fun.
Now, Lucky Patcher can be used to avoid all of this and the player can just enjoy the fun side of the game. It can patch Subway Surfers in such a way, that you get Unlimited coins and keys, which in-turn can unlock anything you want. We already patched Subway Surfers which can be downloaded from here.

What is Lucky Patcher?

To manage problems similar to the above, we use Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is a patching tool that is a must-have for all android gamers. It lets us patch and hacks any game or app without any knowledge of coding.
Developed and Published by ChelpuS, the tool clearly destroys the limitations of the gamer. Initially released on December 13, 2017, it currently has more than 500 million + downloads.
It can be used in many ways to remove interruptions from the game. If the game contains ads, you can simply remove ads using it. It can remove system apps and can add other apps to the category of system apps. It can be used to buy paid versions of games and apps for free by simply bypassing license verification. The list goes on and we will talk about more features in the upcoming section. You should know that most of the features of this app can be used without rooting your device. But, however, some features like deleting system apps and managing them can't be done without rooting your device. It can be used to patch most of the apps and games out there including Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Highway Rider, Rail Rush, Hill Climb Racing and much more.

Lucky Patcher (v8.5.7) APK FREE Download for Android Features

  • It can remove in-game ads.
    This is my personal favorite feature. I know, how frustrating it becomes when an ad pops up again and again in an online game. It can severely hurt your gameplay experience. To block these ads, Lucky Patcher comes to the rescue. It has a very powerful Ad-blocking script that can remove these ads from most of the games and apps out there.

  • Unlimited coins, gems, and other game resources.

    As mentioned above, it is very irritating to collect resources for a long time to buy characters, unlock levels, and other items. Lucky Patcher can make changes in the script of the game and you will get unlimited game resources at the very beginning. No worries about going through the collection process. You can use these resources and currencies to buy characters, unlock levels, weapons, and other in-game items.

  • Access Paid Apps for FREE.
    How many times you wanted to use an app or play a game but couldn't because it was paid? A Lot, right? In these circumstances, you might want to search across the web and download these apps from there. But many times, they won't even work. This is because Google Play Store couldn't verify your license. In these scenarios, Lucky Patcher is of great importance. It can just bypass the Google Verification Process and you can enjoy the paid apps for free.

  • Delete System Apps and Convert other apps into system apps.
    There are lots of pre-installed system apps, that we don't even use. They just stay there, consume our device's resources. Some of them keep running in the background and make the device's performance bad. These apps can be deleted using Lucky Patcher. You can also set other apps to system apps. In this way, these apps will always remain in your devices and will be pre-installed if you reset your device.

  • Move Games and Applications to the SD Card.
    When the Internal Storage gets filled up, and you want to install more apps, you have no choice but to delete existing apps. But this can be avoided. It can transfer them to SD Card. So, from now on, you don't have to worry about Internal Storage Getting filled up.

  • Make in-app purchases for free.
    This feature works in a similar way to that of accessing paid apps for free. The app just tricks google verification process so that you can enjoy without being limited to existing resources and can buy more for free.

  • Back-up and Manage files more efficiently.
    It creates a backup of files you have patched and this backup can be imported on your Personal Computer or Cloud Storage. In case of data loss, this feature becomes a life savior. You can also manage files on your system more efficiently.

  • Other features
    include but are not limited to, user-friendly interface, regular and timely updates, compatible with most of the devices and easy-to-understand functionality.

Lucky Patcher (v8.5.7) APK FREE Download for Android Screenshots

Lucky Patcher (v8.5.7) APK FREE Download for Android Details

  • Application Name:- Lucky Patcher
  • APK Version:- 8.5.7
  • Released on:- December 13, 2017
  • Updated on:- April 10, 2019
  • Developer:- ChelpuS
  • Publisher:- ChelpuS
  • Size:- 7.25MB
  • Minimum OS:- 4.0 & up
  • Minimum RAM:- 512MB
  • Google Play Ratings:- NA
  • Our Ratings:- 9/10

Lucky Patcher (v8.5.7) APK FREE Download for Android Installation instructions :

1) Click on the Download Link for Original APK or Modded APK has given above. If a dialog box appears which asks for your confirmation to begin the download, click on 'Allow'. Your file will start downloading.

2) Before you can install the app, you have to enable the option which gives permission to installs apps from unknown sources. This can be simply done by going in settings, then to security. There will be an option named Unknown Sources. Click on it so that it becomes enabled.

3) Go to your Download List and open the .APK file you just downloaded.

4) It will ask if you surely want to install this or not, click on 'Yes'

5) You will be transferred to a page where you will see the permissions needed to install it. Just click on the Install button and wait for the installation process to complete.

6) You might see a warning pop-up that says 'Blocked by Play Protect'. It is no harm to your device. It is blocked because of the obvious reasons that it is used to modify apps and games. Click on the drop-down button near Details section and then click on 'Install Anyway'

5) Click on Done.

6) Lucky Patcher has been successfully installed on your device.

How to remove 'App Not Installed' error?

There were several users who complained that a box pops up showing 'App Not installed'. To remove this, all you have to do is to go through this 3-step process:
1) Open Play Store and click on the Hamburger icon(the one with 3 horizontal lines).

2) Scroll down and click on 'Play Protect'

3) Disable the option that says 'Scan Device for Security Threats'

4) A warning pops up. Ignore that warning and click on OK.

5) Now, Install Lucky Patcher. The error will be gone.


We have only provided what we think is genuine and only for educational purposes. The information given here is collected from various sources which we think are reliable.
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