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About us -

Hi everyone,
This site was founded by two school-going friends namely Gautam Rao and Vaibhav Sangwan. Both studying and 16 years old. The latter one being me :p
We are from Haryana, India. Studying in 11th class, took Science and now regretting  :/
Gautam is more of a sports type of guy, a wrestling lover and I am the academic one. The first thing that is common between us is Games and Technology. And another thing is our birthdays  We wanted to do something big...
So, we begged. You read it right. We begged. We begged money from our parents and, bought a domain and started this site. This amazing platform where we could share our thoughts and ideas with the world.
We don't know if it is going to be popular or if we are going to earn some money or not. Neither is our aim. We just wanted away, so that we could know more about what we love. 
Please, if you have any suggestions, queries or any kind of feedback for us, send them at our Gmail:-
Or contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with links given below the article.
It will be of great help and we will surely respond to it.
One thing I should tell you. If the frequency of uploading new posts gets reduced, please don't get mad at us. It might be because of our exams or maybe a great deal of homework. Unfortunately, we too suffer from this. Hey, but don't feel sorry for us. We have so much fun in school but only when the teacher is absent.